Sprint.ly Closes Seed Financing Round

We are pleased to announce the closing of our Seed financing round.  The financing yielded about a million dollars in new money for Sprint.ly to expand marketing and hiring.

We’d like to thank Freestyle Capital, our long time supporters, for leading the round that included some of our mentors and friends, completely new folks from AngelList , and for the first time, a few actual, living, breathing, current customers.

When a customer buys into our round we feel especially gratified that their experience warrants backing our company and efforts. We care deeply about improving the way software gets made. When a customer gets it, we feel great. When they literally “buy in” we feel even better.

The tools for financing companies continue to evolve (AngelList, KickStarter, etc.) and increase the democratization of company financing. We enjoyed using AngelList to reach the Angel investor community; we can see that this is world-changing, and we love it.

Now we will put our noses down and our fingers back on the keyboards. Hopefully it will be several months before we have to do another pitch meeting!

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